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Next up: Jawas, Garindan, classic Obi-Wan!

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The next (as of yet unannounced) 12" wave of figures is being shown down at the San Diego Comic Con right now, and includes a Jawa 2-pack, Garindan, and a real nice looking classic Obi-Wan!

'Scum has some pretty nice pix of them up right here.

Those figures look so sweet!  I cannot wait to add them to my collection!  The Garindan is a nice figure that hasn't been done, but the detail on the older Obi-Wan is overwhelming!  WOW!!!   :o

Obi-wan is AWESOME.

He will be my new dining room table center piece along with his MR saber.  Man, that is an incredible doll!!  Garindan is cool too (I've had that name in my book since the late 90's as a rumored 12" figure-glad they finally made it) and the Jawa's are ...well...ok, nothing really compares to the quality on Ben's face (I just hope that the saber is different).

I want Obi-wan.   :o  I'll take them all. Sweet!

I usually don't pick up the 12" but the Obi is one I will be buying. The head and face is amazing.


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