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Welcome to the New Forum Section!


After convincing management that this section is a must have tonight is the debut!  Welcome and feel free to discuss any non-SW toy lines here!

We'll try and keep the lengths of the threads at a minimum and perhaps a running tally of threads on said topic.

Now lets talk toys! :-*

Does this include adult toys or would that go against the policies of said management? (I'm just itching to talk about my latest arrivals from the Frank's Naughty Funhouse catalog.)

Hmmm...  Not sure John.  Why don't you shoot me a link of what you're talking about, so the boss and I can take a looksee and decide if it's suitable or not...

Perhaps a little discussion about them without pictures or links might be OK.  We'll let you know...

- M

Why does EVERYONE ask for pictures?  ???

First my local church group, then the local authorities, now Like nobody's seen a "Rectifier 2000" before.  ::)

(I hear they're quite common in Mexico.)

Well, I guess we wouldn't need to see pix, unless you were planning on posting them or linking to them...  Up to you!   :-*

Rectifier 2000, huh?  Sounds interesting!


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