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My son is going to love this news when I tell him today.  He's still counting down to Harry Potter Lego and now this gives him something else to look forward too.


More of a teaser, new footage starts about halfway in, and there's not very much of it.

But the main reason for the bump is that this has been delayed to 2011 now.  Amazon shows February.

Jesse James:
How can this actually get delayed?  I figure they have the game's engine all sitting there just ready to be re-used...  We need Jared to explain some of this.  ???

The new Lego Harry Potter game was pushed back by at least a few months; I remember seeing a presell thing for it at Target at the beginning of the year which said it was due in March, and it didn't actually come out until a month ago.  So, it happens.

On this, my guess would be that maybe they pushed it back to be able to include stuff from Season Three in it.  Just a guess.

Is this going to be for PS2?


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