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Mandalorian Madman:
does anyone else collect these guys?  I just picked up the swat member (black fatigues) at gamestop.  they are actually pretty cool, 6'', lots of accessories and swapable heads.  the emergency line has 3 firefighters, a k-9 officer, 2 swat, and a bomb disposal.  they are just good solid toys, not as articulated as marvel legends unfortunatley, but pretty nice (about 16 points I'd say).  I missed the line before this (lots of seal and delta guys) and really the only place I've seen them is on ebay.  they are doing a wwII line next.

I have a couple of those SWAT guys, and I think this is a really solid line.

I've been collecting these figures for a few months now, and I have several of the "Mission 2 Special Forces" as well as one of the mission 3 Gamestop exclusives. There are some great figures in these lines. The SEAL Night Ops diver comes with a removeable rebreather, removeable fins, an HK, a pistol that fits into the holster on his leg which comes with a removeable silencer, and a mine. Other figures in the series are equipped similarly. They go great with Marvel Legends and/or the Movie Maniacs 6 Aliens and Predators.

The Company is really great too. They actually go onto their toy boards and ask their customers what they want next. They answer questions, and discuss their products with the consumer. They have an offer where you can send a self-addressed stamped envelope, and they'll send you substitute heads (the heads on their figures are interchangeable) free of charge.

Basically, Plan-B puts out solid figures and they don't cheap-out on accessories, so I'll continue to buy from them.


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