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I wanted to display my ships better so i came up with some designs for stands.
i have made a hand full of different stand for my own collection. for tax reasons cant sell them on eBay so fell free to replicate at will.
they are designed to be 10mm thick black perspex some have to be thicker like 12mm.
i will eventually create more with google sketchup but I'm moving house again in 2 weeks so i may reply to my own post in the future with new additions lol.
for a 3d view download google sketchup viewer.
then after install click this link to get models to view.
and for those who can't or won't a still and a bad quallity photo lol.

added legacy AT-ST stand

Those are pretty cool!  Do you sell these?


--- Quote from: JediJman on March  2, 2010, 08:36 AM ---Those are pretty cool!  Do you sell these?

--- End quote ---

no sory  for tax reasons cant sell them so feel free to replicate at will

Looks like the titanium stands for its die cast vehicles line.


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