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Have you guys seen the card art for the new 3.75" Adventure Team figures over on the Club's site? 

Very excited over this.  The art looks great, I'm just excited to see the figures.  They're going to each be sold with a vehicle, which I don't care for, but I think I'll be getting these anyway.


The yellow AT Gyrocopter/FANG is awesome.  They showed it for the first time at the 2009 Joecon Club panel.  They've had the copters made and in storage since last summer. 

I can't wait for Dr Venom and the rest of the sets.  They'll have them at Joecon in April.

I'm sort of interested in these, but I am not a member.  Will I still be able to order them if I remain a non-member?  Is the club thing worth signing up for to get these guys? 

You have a couple of choices.  You could sign up as a Trooper level member which is free and gives you access to the forums and a price on exlcusives that's usually about $10 or so higher than a paid Officer level member pays.  Or you can join the club for $42 a year which, if you join before March 16th, you'll get a free action figure and a subscription to the monthly newsletter, plus you'll save at least $10 on each exclusive.  If you're planning on getting the full AT line, you're going to save more than $40 by becoming an Officer level member.

This year's free figures are a 3.75" Big Lob and the 12" is the Urban Adventurer.  There's also an accessory set you can buy for the Urban Adventurer that includes a full outfit and accessories.  The monthly newsletter just changed this year and has more pages than in the past and is on glossy paper, more like a comic book now.

I've been really happy paying the membership fee since 2002 and just re-upped last week for another year.


I'm most interested in the little rover type vehicle for the 3-3/4" scale... it's yellow/orange and has either 4 or 6 wheels, not sure.  Any info on that offering? 


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