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Patiently awaiting until August to see if there's anything I want to bite on....I assume this line will continue full boar until the next movie hits theatres.  Hope we get a vinty/upgrade bone here or there until then.   :-\

A few months ago in the Q&A, Hasbro basically confirmed we'd see updates of Crazylegs and the SAW Viper, so at least they're peppering the line with those.

I don't like the wait until August. I need my City Strike Beach Head, Shadow Tracker, and Jungle Viper NOW, damn it. As soon as they hit ebay from Chinese sellers, I'm probably going to buy them there.

Diamond Comics listed the first wave of PoC stuff, and here it is for your consumption:

POC WAVE 1: The evil schemes of Cobra are thwarted throughout the world by the noble soldiers of G.I. Joe, and their battles can be replayed time and again with the G.I. Joe action figures! Each figure stands 3 3/4" tall and comes with accessories. Fans can choose from Duke (Version 5), Storm Shadow (Version 5), Cobra Commander (Version 2), Alley Viper, Snake Eyes (Version 5), and many more. Blister card packaging. Estimated ship date: 7/28/10

GI JOE BRAVO VEHICLES: Stage your own battles between the forces of G.I. Joe and Cobra with the all-new G.I. Joe Bravo Vehicles, scaled to the 3 3/4" figure height! Choose from the HISS Tank, packed with the HISS Driver, or the Wolf Hound, packaged with Whiteout.
Estimated ship date: 7/28/10

GI JOE ALPHA VEHICLES: Take your Joe and Cobra forces into battle with these 1- and 2-man vehicles, scaled to the 3 3/4" figure, each with its own exclusive pilot/driver! Collectors can choose from the Doom Cycle, which comes with Storm Rider, or the Ghost Hawk, which comes with Tomahawk. Estimated ship date: 7/28/10

GI JOE MECH SUIT: In some battle situations, the forces of G.I. Joe and Cobra turn to their armored Mech Suits for high tech battles to determine the fate of the world. The G.I. Joe Mech Suit Figures comes with one mech suit and the matching driving figure, and are in scale with other 3 3/4" G.I. Joe action figures. Choose from the Steel Marauder (with Kickstart) or Cobra's Deviant (with Cyber Driver). Estimated ship date: 7/28/10

Looks like the Jungle Viper and Shadow Tracker are in later waves. :( But it's great to see that Beach Head in the first wave. I'm really liking what PoC has to offer. :)
Except for the Mechs. Those are whatever.

thanks for the info and the pics - unfortunately I cannot see the pics at work - but I can't wait to see them when I get home   :D

Nice to finally see some new pics.  Diggin the mech suits for the most part even though they're a little to colorful for my taste.  Definitely picking up a few things here and there.


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