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Defender Wishlists 2010: Attack of the Clones

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For the last couple of years we ran an informal poll with your 10 most wanted characters from the current Star Wars Films.  Continuing the tradition and trying to finish up before Comic Con 2010, I thought it would be a good time to revisit those lists. Here's how it works: You send your Wish List for 10 3 3/4" Figures to me or post them here, be it new figures, resculpts or even re-releases and I'll tally the votes.  After four weeks of list taking I'll publish the results and we will move on to the next movie.  The second Prequel Episode II:Attack of the Clones is now up.   If you need help coming up with names check out the Official Sites Databank:  Episode II.  Have fun and thanks for sending in your lists (remember to limit it to ten)!

Last Year!

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

#01 Cliegg Lars
#02 Jocasta Nu
#03 Dorme
#04 Padme Amidala (Lake Retreat)
#05 Padme Amidala (Outlander)
#06 Padme Amidala (Senator)
#07 Zam Wessel
#08 Barriss Offee
#09 Anakin Skywalker (Outlander)
#10 Padme Amidala (Packing)

1. Zam Wessel
2. Toonbuck Toora
3. Rogwa Wodrata
4. Pablo-Jill
5. Que-Mars Redath-Gom
6. Kalyn Farnmir
7. Fi-Ek Sirch
8. Aayla Secura
9. Tikkes
10. Magaloof

A little different from last year...  changing tastes and all that.

1. RIC-920 (aka Rickshaw Droid)
2. Cleigg Lars w/Chair
3. Padme Amidala (Packing)
4. Dorme
5. Anakin Skywalker (Outlander)
6. Padme Amidala (Outlander)
7. Sephjet Josall
8. Nicanas Tassu
9. Padme Amidala (Lake Retreat)
10. Senator Onaconda Farr

01. Zam Wessel (Resculpt)
02. Cliegg Lars
03. Padme (Senator)
04. Tikkes (or Tessek)
05. Dorme
06. Padme Nightgown
07. Padme Outlander Disguise
08. Padme Lake Retreat (Rainbow Gown)
09. Padme Apartment
10. Anakin Skywalker Outlander (Resculpt)

1. Zam Wesell (resculpt)
2. Barriss Offee (resculpt)
3. Jocasta Nu
4. Sarissa Jeng
5. Fi-Ek Sirch
6. Magaloof
7. Hermione Bagwa
8. Cliegg Lars
9. Tikkes
10. Aleena baby


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