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Put your cool Joe Customs here.  Why?  Because I love good customs and I am too busy/lazy to search the web looking for them....

I don't do customs myself (insurance won't cover me after the drimmel incident)...but I can take pics of the ones I own...

Here is the latest custom cast figure I've got done.  I'm calling this one Codename:Raven.  He features a headsculpt from my good buddy Dave over at Tri-Gate Creations and weapons from Marauder "Gun-Runners" Home Page . 

He is fully posable, and quite nicely captures the look of the old Galoob figures.  Enjoy!

As you can see, this is the Daniel Craig Bond that has been so popular as of late.  He features a torso generously donated by my good buddy Dave at Tri-Gate Creations and a UMP.45 from Marauder "Gun-Runners" Home Page .

Here is a little something I picked up from the guys at and finally got something done with it.  Pretty cool stuff, even though I'm usually not a brick guy. 

This is something I made using the molds that my buddy RaginSpoon put together for his Frag Viper.  This was a one off piece using a new fluorescent dye that I just tried to make the color as intense and with as much depth as possible.  On top of that, if you put it under a blacklight, it fluoresces.

Anyway, I thought you guys might like to have a look.  Enjoy this Brazilian flavored custom cast figure, Letal.



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