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A friend of mine just contacted me and noticed a strange/new addition to RS's checklist for the TVC line: "Antique Force Detail" Collection figures. Like the exclusive 4-LOM and Zuckuss, it sounds like these are simple Kenner based repaints of the new vintage figures and serve as this year's UGH gimmick. Interesting. I guess that is why there are 11 "new" figures in the previously released list as the 12th figure in the case will probably be the chase figure.

"Antique Force Detail" Collection
AFD##: Boba Fett
AFD##: Death Squad Commander
AFD##: Han Solo
AFD##: Han Solo (Hoth Outfit)
AFD##: Imperial Officer
AFD##: Jawa
AFD##: Leia Organa (Hoth Outfit)
AFD##: Luke Skywalker
AFD##: Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues)
AFD##: Power Droid
AFD##: Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot
AFD##: Ugnaught

Sounds interesting...

Now this is something I am very excited about, chase figures that are physically different and worthwhile adding to the collection. While some are easy guesses others are very intriguing and finally give us some meat in this starvation period of news and product.....

I will take a cheap stab of what I think these could be:
Boba Fett (I was hoping the mail away Fett would have been this, a modern Fett in vintage colors.)
Death Squad Commander (This is awesome! Nice homage and one everyone has requested.)
Han Solo (My guess is the Legacy Han DS Head on the 2004 vintage body with black pants. This can be the The "Big Head Version".)
Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) (How many times will we get this figure? He is becoming the new sae see tin of OTC. Really blue with Tan legs.)
Imperial Officer (Will this be the Battlepack version or a Needa repaint? I hope it's a Needa repaint.)
Jawa (Cloth robe/coat? If so this is a toy dream come true!)
Leia Organa (Hoth Outfit) (Not sure about this one will tan colors really stand out? It would be great if it's a Bespin Escape version but would require another head so it's doubtful.)
Luke Skywalker (I am assuming Resurgence Luke with a yellow saber and tan legs/pants)
Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) (Hmmm, Yellow Lightsaber & darker brown colors or will they go astray with bloody battle damage? I prefer the latter but still cool)
Power Droid (Finally we will get him in blue!!! Love it!)
Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot (Non mustache?)
Ugnaught (The questions is will it be purple cloth apron or a purple molded apron? My guess is the 2nd uggy head on the first version's body.)

Jesse James:
Some of it's interesting, some of it not so much...  For instance I'm very interested in a Death Squad Commander and Power Droid...  Not so much on Hoth Leia or Bespin Luke though.

I can't say I'm a fan of chase anything...  They add an element to the line I can't stand, and it's inevitable that that element makes other aspects of the line difficult to find beyond the chase stuff.  Some of the UGH in the past haven't been too hard to track down (2007's stuff wasn't horrible to find), but complete figure changes I think are going to be a bigger headache than gold coins.

Like I said, some of that I'm geeked about, but other stuff I don't really care...  Will the stuff I'm geeked about be something that can be tracked down then?  Ugh...  Ugh indeed. 

I'm keen on the idea. I do hope they go the brown/yellow hair with yellow lightsaber route for the Farmboy and Bespin Lukes.


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