Author Topic: Is Yularren's Perspective Now Radically Different...  (Read 2318 times)

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Is Yularren's Perspective Now Radically Different...
« on: July 27, 2013, 07:38 PM »
Curious, but as I was opening a CW Yularren figure for his spiffy table, I was wondering to myself...  He's supposedly the ISB Officer at the briefing on the Death Star in Star Wars.  What his role is there, who knows, but he's there...  He's gone from a Naval Admiral to a whole new direction in the ISB over time.

He's also supposedly taken a demotion because he's a Colonel in that role, according to EU materials...

So what's Yularren's POV?  He doesn't seem like a horrible person in The Clone Wars...  Annoyed by the Jedi's methods at times, he still supports them, fights with them, fights for them, and obeys his commands.  He doesn't seem to hold the anymosity Tarkin does, for instance.

Does that mean his POV come ANH is completely 180'd and he is drinking the Impy kool-aid?  Or is Yularren's demotion possibly a sign of some objection to the post-ROTS purge of the Jedi?  Does Vader maybe keep him close for a reason?  Does he know Vader, much as Tarkin knows Vader and considers him a friend?

Never really thought much, till tonight, on the character's changes from 77 to now.
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