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--- Quote from: Jesse James on April  6, 2010, 07:48 PM ---Yup, a lot of very human-ish aliens, humans, and not a ton more...  Lucas definitely missed turning the Outlander Club into something better than it was.  I'm kind of glad his budget wasn't there for STar Wars because it seems to me that with a budget he didn't do anything nearly as cool.

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You should watch this video, especially at the 6 minute mark with Yoda, hilarious. This is one of the funniest SW analysis video I have ever seen solely focused on EP2. (WARNING - It may ruin EP2 for you forever.)

Yeah, this is the most damning critique of the PT I have ever seen.  All three of the films - if you didn't think so already - will look just absolutely ridiculous.


--- Quote from: Darby on April  9, 2010, 07:03 PM ---Yeah, this is the most damning critique of the PT I have ever seen.  All three of the films - if you didn't think so already - will look just absolutely ridiculous.

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No doubt. I almost regret sharing but it truly is the most damning that it should be watched. I think I really will never look at EP2 the same ever again. At least I can honestly say I laughed my ass off during this (including the Star Trek Ones). The guys low tone voice and Yoda's face while Lucas babbled on put tears in my eyes. His assessment of how Lucas did not even know his own universe rung too true as he referred to Geonosians as Flying Termites.

I did not watch the EP3 one yet but the EP1 critique where he has actual real unedited footage of George questioning himself on how much he stuffed in at the end of the TPM was almost unbearable to watch because deep down you know it's true. The look of frustration and disappointment in his face/voice as he realized how he could not take too much out at that point. It was really an eye opener, not only to those who watched, but to Ben & Rick. They also look horrified and drained when George started to talk himself into it. It was the moment they all realized EP1 was a train wreck.

To get back on topic I really want a flanneled Lucas figure after seeing that review.

Rick and Ben are just as or even more to blame than Lucas.  Their JOBS were to produce and edit ie say no.  Think they ever once did?

If they did, it wasn't at any junction that could have rescued what was happening.  Their own reverence for Lucas and his own baby - and you'd be hard pressed to tell 'God' what he was doing wrong with his world - compromised the films.  That's not to put it all on them.  Frank Darabont has said that Lucas askd him if he wanted to write TPM, and he turned it down; I read somewhere he may have talked to Ron Howard about directing and he turned it down.  Both of them thought the same thing McCallum did - Lucas knew best.  They all own this as much as Lucas does in my view.  Lucas is a terrible writer.  A gifted man with a titanic imagination, but a terrible writer.  And the insulation and self mythology that apparently followed the OT only magnified, it seems, the degree to which he looked past his faults.

I regret the PT.  I love SW and I love all the joy and fun Lucas has given me.  I wish we had gotten better films, but when life gives you lemons...


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