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Thanks guys. I subscribe to showtime for Californication and then unsubscribe when the season is over. Will do the same for this.  ;D

Nothing related to season 3, but certainly a bit of fun for fans of both Game of Thrones AND Star Wars...

.Jaime Lannister vs. Eddard Stark Lightsaber Duel +John Williams Score .

Guess I will turn HBO back on. I do it for this and Boardwalk Empire.

As we get ready to roll into Season 3, which will cover about half of the events of A Storm Of Swords, we get a glimpse into the possibility of what may happen with Game of Thrones if the series catches up to or passes the books. 

It's definitely something that I think a lot of fans of both the books and the television series might be sensitive to.  The series is coming up on the events of Book 3, and George R.R. Martin only published book 5 in the Spring of 2011.  Given the span of time between the release of the previous books, it seems entirely plausible that the HBO series could actually catch up to Martin's A Song of Ice & Fire novels before he's able to publish The Winds of Winter (book 6) and the seventh volume in the series.

For Nick and any of you other NYC people that like GoT:

The Game of Thrones Exhibition will be in NYC from 3/28-4/3 at 3 W. 57th St (between 5th and 6th Avenue) and open to the public.  Admission is FREE.

I am definitely going to try and catch this!


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