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I've been wondering about Strong Belwas.  He has a role to play further down the line.

But there's another character that I thought we would see more of who was introduced in season 2.  Namely, Ser Dontos Florent.  We got to see him in the first episode of season 2, but he's disappeared since then.  He also has a role to play.  Will he return for season 4?

The series has made a habit of introducing characters later than they appear in the book, and I expect Belwas will be one of those.  I think they understand that they can only get away with bringing in new people sparingly.  Hence the Reeds and Lord Beric showing up in season 3.

Yeah, the Reed children were definitely in the back of my mind along those lines.  But Beric did show up in a single scene of Season 1, albeit played by a different actor.  I can't say that I recall him showing up anywhere else prior to the events of season 3.

As for Strong Belwas?  I can understand why he wasn't introduced in season 3, since the premise for his introduction was the inclusion of his squire, Arstan Whitebeard.  The show didn't go with that, though, and straight-away we knew that the old, bearded mystery man in Astapor was Barristan Selmy.  Simply because the television medium makes the concept of a disguise tougher to pull off.

It looks like the Red Vyper has been cast.  I can't say that I've heard of Pedro Pascal before, but he's listed on IMDB as playing Oberyn Martell in Season 4.

Gotta love the In Memorium reel from the Game of Thrones panel at SDCC.


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