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Hi All!


I got sent this site on recommendation from your member I Am Sith. I had no idea it even existed!

I am an owner a newish site called Toy+Life, and have been working with toys for over 10 years with a background in Star Wars collectibles, and I'm not looking to start growing up any time soon!  :P

Nowadays, I'm mostly into Japanese stuff like Kubricks. There's so much domestic stuff out there that it's a bit overwhelming when it comes to collecting.

Anyways, glad to finally jump into JD and start getting my feet wet!

Jesse James:
Hey man,

Well, welcome aboard to Jedi Defender, glad to have you sign up!  Good Kubrick community here, I think you'll dig that about the boards for sure.  Welcome on!

Thanks so much for the kind welcome!

This definitely seems like *the place* on the net to talk SW Kubs. Glad to be on board!

im new also but welcome


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