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ToyNewsI has a pic up of one of Mattel's upcoming "Movie Master" figures for The Dark Knight.  Apparently, this new line (Movie Masters) will be the place to find upcoming DC movie figures, all in the 6" scale (although there might be 5" lines as well, as there will be with TDK I believe).  From what I've read, there will be 6 figures released this year for The Dark Knight, with a few chase versions thrown in.

I'll pass on the movie figures but its nice they are keeping them in the same scale and sculpted by the 4HM.

If you visit these forums there is currently a scan up from Toy Fare showing the 6" scale Dark Knight Joker figure, as well as Batman and "Gotham City Thug" which have been seen previously.

Hmm, not my cup of tea but they are nice figures. I'll likely pass on them.  Thanks for the link.

Have we seen pics of the Scarecrow from the movie masters line yet? I knwo i have not.



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