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Spider-Man (Hasbro) 3-3/4" figures

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I didnt see a thread for this so i figured I'd start one.

Finally got my Rhino figure. Lacks articulation but overall i really enjoy it.  I love that the armor is removable to give it a more classic than Ultimate look.

Greedo The Green Menace:
Yeah, Rhino is pretty cool. I find this line is kind of rotting on the pegs in my area though, all the villains disappear pretty quick but all the goofy Spidey variants just won't move.

I see kids buying them, its pretty much the same as with the Toy Biz Spider-Man line.  Everyone fights for the villians and the kids tend to buy the rest. The 3 i have bought from the line are Rhino, Green Goblin, and Hobgoblin.

Greedo The Green Menace:
I got a Doc Ock from this line the other day, he's not bad, though I'm not sure which specific comic appearance he's based on if any though. He's got some weird articulation though. Below the waist is pretty much Star Wars level, but the arms are ball socket shoulders and swivel biceps of all things. No albows or wrists. Just an odd, fairly useless articulation point. I've also gotten Venom, Rhino and Gobby from this line. They lack articulation, but I think the sculpting is pretty solid, fortunately a lack of articulation doesn't bother me too much since I usually just stick these things in a static pose on the shelf anyway.

I am waiting for a more classic style Doc Ock, i hope they get to one soon.


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