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Revenge of the Sith - 5th Anniversary


It has sort of been lost in all the publicity of Empire's 30th b-day this year, but it has also been five years this month since the release of the "final" movie in the Saga, Revenge of the Sith.  Although I'll always take the OT over the prequels, there is always something for me to like in each of the prequel movies - and this one is by far the strongest I think.  Not really much to complain about here for me personally (maybe Anakin's quick "change" to the dark side a bit), and this is a movie I never really tire of watching either.  Good stuff.

Sort of replying to myself here, but I was just re-watching ROTS this past week - and it really is a solid movie.  I already mentioned this in my last post, but aside from Anakin's relatively quick change, I don't know that I have anything to complain about here.  Just due to the nostalgia, the characters, and just a general love of the OT for me personally, it isn't quite on that level - but it is definitely a huge step above the other two prequels and one of my favorite movies.  Sort of hard to believe it has been five years already, that summer of 2005 was a fun time with all the Star Wars hype in full effect.

Jabba the Slug:
I'm glad I found this topic, because I frequently think about this myself.

For my birthday I went to go see the movie for the first time, and I brought two friends, which really created memories as far as the movie-going experience goes. I still remember every bit of nostalgia I felt sitting in that theater and thinking over that I was watching the last Star Wars film of the series...

So when May passes every year, I always think about the time I went, and, BOY!, it's been 5 years already. Wow. Where does the time go?

I do think this is the best film of the saga, but I could be biased because I grew up with the prequels. It's a very well-done and emotional movie, and watching it over and over again and listening to the awesome music played when Obi and Ani take it all-out reminds me of that time 5 years ago...

Greedo The Green Menace:
I remember seeing this one for the first time on opening night, and while i enjoyed it, I was also kind of disappointed. I made the mistake of reading the novel first, which had so many cool lines and scenes that never  showed up in the film. All that aside, Sith has grown on me quite a bit since then and is the only prequel movie that I'll pop in to watch every now and then. It works really well aside from a few really cringe worthy lines and scenes. I still can't sit through that balcony scene where Anakin and Padme talk about the baby all googly eyed with each other. I make it my buisness to skip forward through that part. Other than that though it is pretty solid and fun.

Jabba the Slug:
This is really the only Star Wars movie that I'll sit and watch no matter how many times I've already seen it... to watch an OT movie I need to be in the right mood, but ROTS is always the movie that I'll watch when there's nothing else to do. And it's at night when all the lights are off, because it brings back that movie theater sense.


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