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Jabba's Palace in a coffee table (Updated)

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This is an idea I had about 10 years ago. Basically, living in New York means that you don't have a lot of space. My idea was to find cool ways to display my collection without having it really intrude on my living space. What I created was a diorama of Jabba's palace that's built into a coffee table. I built the coffee table myself and covered it with a glass top. Currently it's less of a coffee table and more of a work table in my office (it's very sturdy), but the fact that it's still a functional, usable object in my apartment keeps it true to the original goal.

Here's some shots of the interior, since they're much more interesting than shots of a table. I'll probably upload some of those later.

I still have to do some detail painting (the archway glyphs mainly), and add a bunch of hookahs, bowls, fruit, snack stands and whatever else clutters up Jabba's throne room. There's also a droid dungeon, but due to the size constraints of this being built in a coffee table, I've placed it on a sort of second floor (rather than below the throne room). When I have a house and kids, I plan on boosting this up, building a Rancor pit and proper droid dungeon, and using it as a big display piece rather than a work table.

And here's a couple shots of the interior without figures or lights on...

For years - literally YEARS, I have been waiting to see pics of what you've been hinting about with this.

This is truly amazing - a masterpiece on par with the greatest dioramas I've seen made.  The rooms are so well done, the lighting is stellar and every detail is precise.  You really didn't skip on any of the details from what I can see.  Wow.  I can say that I've never come even close to making something this cool.

I hope you do share pics of the entire table!  And congrats on this amazing masterpiece!

Wow! This is pretty cool, and inside the coffee table no less? That's pretty sweet. Love the detail and dungeon-y feel, just like the real palace. Would love to see the table and how it all works out. Excellent work, Lando!

Thanks guys!

I'm really happy with how it turned out. I'll definitely post some pics of the table (it's a bit cluttered right now). I'm really looking forward to polishing this set off with a new Jabba. My only concern is whether the dais will fit, as the current one (which is the vintage one I got in 1983) fits very snugly.

I think I can honestly say this is the only coffee table in existence with a functioning trap door!

Impressive..... most impressive....  ;)


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