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Why the heck did Kenner not give Luke a Lightsaber?  Where the heck did that rifle come from?  AT least give him the right gun!

Modern Hoth Luke sucks...I chose the Tin version with Flesh painted face only because its the best representation of the vintage figure.  I like the Saga Wampa Attack one for what it is and the dioramaesque nature of what it is works

That said...he's not a good all around figure and really needs more accuracy and super articulation!

Jesse James:
Vintage Hoth Luke was weird to me.  He's got a little weird pose to his feet even.  Not many vintage figs had that to them.  I had a little army of Luke's for officers before the modern line came about.  He wasn't one of my fav vintage figures though, not by a longshot.

And it is odd he came with a rifle and not a pistol/saber.  The rifle should've come with the Hoth Soldier...  Go figure.

I thought when the last Hoth Luke figure came out, that Hasbro had made improvements...  But like so many others, he's lacking a bit of articulation and he's a bit tall too, for a Luke figure.  Nice sculpt, but not a lot else.  Pretty much like Hoth Han.

So I'm hopeful Hasbro will whip up a new Hoth Luke, as that's one I've wanted now for a while.  He's really one of the last "Main character" resculpts that needs the most work too.  Like Hoth Leia, I assume it's just a matter of time.

I will say though, if they don't beef up the articulation, I'll be disappointed.  That one without ball-jointed hips is going to sting because you know they're just going to either do him again with the hips, or never make him able to ride teh Taun-Taun.  So if he comes out and lacks the hip joints, I'll be disappointed in it regardless.

I will say though, I'd gladly re-buy this with a wounded headsculpt, and a clean one.  I'd dig the obvious updates too, such as a removable helmet, working holster...  I think a cloth scarf could be a cool addition too.  I added one to a Hoth Soldier and it rocks IMO.

Hoth Luke though, is one of those last remaining resculpts that really needs knocked out of the park I believe.

I like the paintjob of saga version, but I think a similar paintjob could have improved the rendition of the vintage hoth Luke, although a very playable figure for cold adventure when we were children. :)

Wait a minute...wait a minute...what? I thought these things were going in order of release here, why did we skip the rest of the '80 figures and the entire '81 line-up for an '82 release?

Anyways, I remember getting my Vintage Hoth Luke from the Sears Rebel Command Center pack at Christmas...I loved that thing even though it was just more white sand. I was pretty unimpressed with the figure, I had always just used an extra Hoth Rebel with distinguishing wear marks as Luke.

I really liked the Saga2 version when it first arrived...but now I'd happily take a super-articulated update.


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