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Deluxe Series 4 - Death Star

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Thanks to Dan for helping me get one of these bad boys.


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--- Quote from: spookedhippie on June 14, 2013, 05:27 PM ---Well this will teach me for losing these boxes! Does any know which parts come with which figures?!

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Darth Vader = head
Imp. Digntary = body
TIE Pilot = bottom "hub" with arm
R2 = arms "A" & "B"
Leia = arms "C" &"D"
Captain Antilles = greeblie "E", arm "G" and display stand

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Dude you are a life saver! Thank you!

space monkey:
For those that own both chases, is the second Imperial Officer a re-paint of the first i.e. same hat/hairpiece and skirt piece?

Every time I see a picture of that imperial Offocer chase, I can't help but think it looks half finished. Why didn't they at least paint some clothing lines in the upper torso.

Anyway, sorry to side track your question. I don't have this chase so I can say anything about the similarities.

Yes, he is a sttaight repaint of the original.  Lazy Medicom.


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