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This is about as close to perfect as a vintage redo can get.  Aside from needing a little more metallic color, it's perfect.

Seriously great figure that I would LOVE to see reissued on a vintage card!



I remember the original ( and think I still have him somewhere) and thinking he was pretty cool considering his arms could flex up a little bit. Never did get the  newer version but it looks very cool too!

I agree, Hasbro knocked the new one out of the park. I think it's long overdue for a re-issue as well. The annoying thing about the vintage one is that it's very typical to have the arms fall/break off due to normal play.

I didn't actually have the vintage one as a kid, although I picked one up later in life.  As others have mentioned, I think the modern version is pretty much perfect.  Actually some of Hasbro's best work, and maybe one that has been forgotten about a bit in the years since.  I know I haven't really looked closely at it for awhile, but it really is an amazing figure.  I wouldn't mind seeing it get re-released as well, as I always wanted another.  I suppose it maybe wouldn't be a big enough "name" for Hasbro now, but maybe it could fit into a battle pack or something.  They could straight repack it as far as I'm concerned....great figure.


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