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I have a few extra figures I'm looking to offload. Some are carded while others are loose. Carded/boxed have significant shelfwear and can be shipped loose; loose figures were displayed only unless noted. Paypal (gift preferred) is best for payment. Shipping is extra, but will be exact. I will ship worldwide.

Here's what I have:

Star Wars Black Series 6"
Speeder Bike with Scout $25 each
Clone Trooper $17.50 each
Storm Trooper $17.50 each

Star Wars Black 4"
$7.50 each

Star Wars Black 4", part 2
Snowtroopers, Starkiller, Malgus $10 each
Mara Jade $12

"rare" carded
Han Stormtrooper (droid part removed) $15
Luke Stormtrooper (droid part removed) $15
Ewoks $20
Inquisitors SOLD

"rare" larger items
Ewok Comic Pack $50
Roland Dyre/Jarael Comic Pack x2 $50 each
Scramble on Yavin $150
Mandalorian Speeder (package has heavy wear) $35

Legacy "Blue Package" Comic Packs (most are in opener condition... ask for details if interested in MOC)
ORder 66 Anakin with ARC Trooper $13
Order 66 Obi-Wan with ARC Commander $13
Durge and Anakin Skywalker $15
Antares Draco and Ganner Krieg $30
Assajj Ventress and Tol Skorr $30
Thrawn and Talon Karrde $35
Ibtisam & Nrin Vakil $50

Legacy "Red Package" Comic Packs (most are in opener condition... ask for details if interested in MOC)
Plourr Ilo Dllr Nep $15
Baron Fel and Ysanna Isard $15
General Weir and Shadow Scout $30
Kyle Katarn and Yuzaanh Vong (plastic bubble is cracked along an upper edge) $35
Stormtrooper, ITO Droid, and Blackhole Hologram $65
Darth Krayt and Sigel Dare (small hole/puncture in back of card) $75
Darth Nihl and Deliah Blue $100
Montross and Jaster Mereel $120
Tholme and Tra Saa $175

30th Anniversary Comic Packs (most are in opener condition... ask for details if interested in MOC)
Darth Vader and Rebel $12
Luke Skywalker and Deena Shan $17
ARC Trooper and Obi Wan $17
Quinlan Vos and Vilmar Grahk $17
Infinities Leia and Vader $17
Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade $20
Purge Bultar Swan and Koffi Arana $20
Mouse and Basso $20
Crimson Empire $30
Dark Woman and Asharad Hett $40

Amazon Legacy Collection Battle Droids x15 $7.50 each
Amazon Legacy Sun Fac x4 $5 each
Comic Pack Camie and Fixer $40

loose Imperials
Scanning Crew x6 $7.50 each
Snowtroopers (Saga Legends or VTAC... not sure which specific release) x5 $7 each
Stormtroopers (Saga Legends) x2 $8 each
Scout Troopers (Saga Legends or VTAC... not sure which specific release) x3 $7 each
Black Series ep3 Vader $7
Black Series Scout Trooper $9
Saga Collection Snowtrooper $5
Saga Legends Imperial Officer $7
TAC Death Star Trooper $6
OTC Tie Fighter Pilot $6
Sandtrooper (dirty) $5
Sandtrooper (clean) $5

boxed items 1
$11 each; multiples of vulture droids and jedi star fighters available

boxed items 2
Cloud Car $13 (multiples available)
Army of the Republic $35
Dagobah Battle Pack $25
Kamino Conflict $25
Stap Attack $25
Speeder Bike Recon - broken speeder bike in the package - $20
Speeder Bike Recon - unbroken contents - $25

customized Clone Trooper lot
every figure is non-mint and has been modified in some way: painting, gluing, missing/swapped pieces
4 figures for $20, or everything pictured for $150

Saga Collection Carded
Appo $10 each
all other figures $7 each

30th Anniversary carded
Neyo, Gree, Yoda w/ Kybuck, Tycho Celchu, Roron Corobb $10 each
Pit Droids, Biggs, Anakin, Sandtrooper $7 each

various carded
Aqua Droid $8 (heavy damage to card/bubble)
Shadow Clone Trooper $12 each
white exclusive Clone Trooper $10 each
Stormtrooper Commander $20
SDCC "smiling" Pilot Luke $25
Vintage AT-RT Driver (card has significant wear) SOLD
Vintage Dagobah Landing Luke (card has significant wear) $45
Vintage Foil card Sandtrooper (card has significant wear) $25

loose "rare" figures
light-up Darth Vader $13
light-up Anakin $20
light-up Sandtrooper $25
Mandalorian Warrior $20
Vizam $12
Imperial Navy Commander $15
Darth Phobos $40
Heavy Gunner Clone (missing heavy gun) $10
Commander Faie (missing hood and blaster) $10
Yavin Honor Guard (missing staff) $10
Sandstorm Han Solo $12
AT-AT Commander $30
Battlefront Galactic Marine (missing backpack and cannon) $12
Savage Opress $15
Legacy Emperor Palpatine $25
Clone Trooper Scythe (2 available) $10 each
Battlefront Clone Engineer (no original accessories) $12
Felucian Warrior (no club) $15
Keyan Farlander $12
TVC "Lost Line" Sandtroopers (replacement small blasters and backpacks) $13 each
TVC "lost line" Clone Lieutenant (missing rifle) $11
TVC Prune Face (missing rifle) $11

Saga Legends/Mission Series
all figures $7 each

small scale vehicles $15 each or $65 for all five

To the top... Make some offers!

Avatar toys sold.

Joes are gone, and so is the Darth Maul. Make some offers!!!

Lots of clones added.


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