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I ordered the Snowspeeder from I'm kinda kicking myself for not getting any "Vintage" figures, but the $10 price tag was too much.

Another TRU just south of here confirmed they had the vintage figures in stock in the backroom but refused to sell them to me ahead of the 8/6 date. I explained that a number of TRU's around the country were already putting these out this week, but they wouldn't budge.

Kind of frustrating the seemingly flexible adherance to this policy, but hardly surprising.

I foresee a repeat of the EU Wave issues with that 8/6 date. It's going to be ugly in some places I predict.

Jesse James:
The end of a line and the beginning of a line are rarely similar, so I'm not expecting it to be anywhere near the level of the EU wave, actually.  Those were figures on sale for $4.99, exclusive to one store, and getting gobbled up by everyone that found them... plus the end of the line, which (supposedly) has a lower production run.

This is all the new **** hitting at (supposedly) once, and everywhere.  Plus it'll reship.  *shrugs*  I'm not concerned.  These are the easier times collecting.

There's not supposed to be any flexibility to putting the cases out, by the way.  It's whether you have a store with employees who care about what the box says, or those that don't.  None of them SHOULD be putting anything out.  Those who want to go through the hastle to get an employee to get them the stuff, more power to you.  This stuff won't be hard to find soon, and might even be cheaper elsewhere.

Just picked up a C3PO and the twin pod cloud car at a TRU in Denver. Jun 30Th so a month early, Awesome!!!
I'm sure they had the rest earlier today but I didn't get there till noon. I passed on the Vader, Boba and 4-LOM
I even got the C3PO for 4.99 because i purchased 2 items

Lucky Day! check your TRU's people!  ;D

I'm gonna go with a print-out from on the way home showing the TRU Item # for Vintage and see if they'll bring me out a case.

It's worth a try.  >:D


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