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I've spent about $400 in the last few months at TRU - mainly on SW LEGO sets, and I am a Rewards member....huh.  Oh well I guess....a day late a dollar short - it's trash day.

Keep thinking it's Friday - guess I'll check the recycle bin tonight.   :)

There were NO coupons on the cover of my TRU Rewards flier...   maybe my mailman took them.  :( 

Jesse James:
Both mine were also on the cover... 

Ya know, I wouldn't be shocked if the mailman scarfed them.  It happens, and for how many times the mail can be handled between your box and the sender, it's certainly plausible.

I guess this isn't strictly "vintage", but I was on this morning and noticed they are having a Hasbro sale "Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off" again (all Star Wars included).  Not sure if this is in the stores as well, but just wanted to give a heads up.

I'll be going back today to see if there's anything new, but I doubt it.  Only need Pre Visla and some Vintage openers.  I also just realized that when that Nikto Guard exclusive comes out, there will be nothing for me to buy to get him!   ::)


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