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I should have had you pick up Dr. Evazan,  Aayla, and  Barada.

Jesse James:
Speaks volumes that even $5 figures don't motivate me to get out to a TRU this week, haha.  Oh well.

Good figures to be had though, just no motivation.

It must be just me but my area has SUCKED for figures. The only waves I've seen that weren't TPM or Deleted Blu-Ray Scenes were the Lost Line wave at TRU, though I did get lucky and find an Evazan and Red Barada before Christmas.

The cheap prices HAVE cleared out Naboo Soldiers and Battle Droids (I was able to snag two Droids but probably would have bought more) yet the Podracers and Daultays remain.

No vintage left at "my" TRU. The movie heroes/clone wars left were 90% MH Super Battle Droids and MH Battle Droids. Everyone hates separatist army builders or at least sucky versions of them. IIRC, those were the only Movie Heroes figures left, the rest was a handful of CW...I wish I liked Aqua Droids more...but I don't.

Plus side I found a  $5 2011 Legends Stormtrooper in his non-removable helmet glory at Marshalls next door. I finally decided to take the last Rebel Commando from 5 Below along with a Naboo Pilot that I thought they had sold a month ago (seeing as they've only had one case of Discover the Force).

yay for me - I nabbed a red head band Kithaba at TRU today on sale for $5  ;D


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