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Jesse James:
Yeah, and I'm not really sure I am thinking about it in the context that "I have something you don't", per se...  I like exclusives that give you something extra that isn't killing everyone else for not having it I guess.

Thinking along the lines of SS 12" figures, that new battledroid with the "1138" on his back is kind of neat, but if you don't get it are you going to go batshit because you got the ones that are random numbers (or whatever they wind up being)?  Or Gree, with a stand...  Though as someone who appreciates an exclusive, I think the stand is even lame to an extreme.  The BD number is just cooler I guess, but still a small thing.

I like when exclusives are available, if you make the effort to get them, but you don't have to make extreme sacrifices to get them (Like a figure is put online from SDCC and you don't have to GO to get it).  I guess that makes it less of an exclusive though, so I dunno.

Has anyone had a problem with this yellowing?  The torso on mine has already noticeably yellowed.


Aww man, that sucks and is really inexcusable for them not to use a more stable plastic.


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