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Most likely from a future Target 2 pack?

No idea who he is.

Maybe it's one of the Jedi who tosses a lightsaber to Anakin and Obi-Wan?

Jesse James:
This is none other than...

Nicanas Tassu (based on an ILM Employee) from the Geonosis Arena...

Clicky to check it out!

He's one of the Jedi that toss Ani/Obi sabers once the Jedi attack.  People confused him with an n'sync member for a while, as was the other guy tossing a saber.

We've had a rumor swirling that he's part of another round of Target Exclusive Geonosis 2-packs, according to a source we've talked to.

I was just going to copy that picture from your Top Ten list, Jesse!

9 ) Nicanas Tassu

Jesse James:
Hasbro hinted around that those two would get figures I think...  :)

Likek I said, we've heard in a rumor they're part of Geo 2-packs coming to Target again, but no confirmation on that.


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