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Jesse James:
Some pics of the new TIE Bomber unveiled today...

Clicky to check 'em out!

The boxed shots reveal that the ship apperas to have a retooled cockpit, which Hasbro confirmed, and which features the ejection seat of the updated TIE cockpit.  That's cool I think since film evidence suggests TIE's had ejection seats.

The box also shows that it now has a firing concussion missle tube too, something only seen/used in video games.  That rocks! :)

The only gripe I have is the back of the box appears to show it in a light grey color, which isn't accurate to any film.  The Bomber shows up light grey in the original X-Wing game, but otherwise it's the blue-grey coloring it has been released as before.  So I'm hanging onto my old ones happily, and the new one I'll only purchase one of for a pre-ESB TIE Bomber in the light grey decoes the ships of ANH were in I guess.

It appears to be a regular release vehicle too, no exclusive sticker anywhere.  That's interesting, and a first for this ship.

That's pretty cool - I haven't bought one of those in a while. It also looks as if they dropped the diorama style packaging.

This is my favorite version of any of the Hasbro's Ties, but I've already got about 7-8 of various releases so I think I'm good.  The firing missle is kinda neat.  Don't really care much for retooled cockpits because, well I guess I just don't care.

Odd that it wouldn't be an exclusive....Wonder if it would have a casemate for a new assortment?

Jesse James:
Yeah, I noticed the lack of diorama.  I thought it may be due to the size of the TIE Bomber, as it's a bit larger than most of the $20-ish ranged vehicles.   ???  Kinda bulky.

Really though...  I suppose it could just not be listed as to where it's exclusive too.  It just doesn't appear to be at the moment I guess.

Dressel Rebel:


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