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B-A-D part needs of roron corobb
« on: July 9, 2010, 11:15 PM »
I only need one B-A-D part. If you don't have that part I need, but I can help out with a trade, just let me know. Any extra part(s) that are not on my list you have would work for me in that case, as I like to help out others when I can ;).

*** If you have the TLC BD44 Clone Commander Cody carded with YVH-1 left arm or any other figure I need loose/complete and that YVH-1 left arm that you would be willing to trade, I would trade all my B-A-D parts list for them. Just not the pending though, as those are already in deals. Will include parts I have coming from those deals though. I just want to be done with hunting for B-A-D parts. Check out my trade list. Everything is listed and link to pictures are there. I would be willing to trade just about anything on my list for that YVH-1 left arm I need too.***

Thank you for looking.

roron corobb

- R7 left leg & booster - any - pending

- U-3PO head - champagne - pending

- YVH-1 left arm

- R4-D6 left leg
- R4-D6 body

- 5D6-RA7 left arm

- MB-RA7 body
- MB-RA7 right arm
- MB-RA7 right leg

- R2-L3 left leg

- R5-A2 body

- U-3PO body - silver (only trade for champagne version)
- U-3PO left leg - silver
- U-3PO left arm - silver

- U-3PO left leg - champagne
- U-3PO left arm – champagne

- Dark Trooper body & shoulder armor

- L8-L9 right leg

- R3-M3 body
- R3-M3 left leg
- R3-M3 right leg

- R5-C7 head & center leg
- R5-C7 body
- R5-C7 right leg

- R3-A2 right leg

- R4-P44 body
- R4-P44 head & center leg

- YVH-1 left leg

- HK-50 right leg
- HK-50 left arm

- BG-J38 left leg - pending
- BG-J38 right leg
- BG-J38 body
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