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12" Scale Yoda Hut... Holy Crap.

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Jesse James:

I mean...  wow.  Just wow. 

It's the kind of collection centerpiece that really is tempting me.  I don't even buy 1:6 stuff, and this one's drawing me in to get it and Yoda now.

It does look incredible.  The exclusive Yoda is already sold out.  I had to wait list him since I had no clue he was up for order until this morning.  The exclusive is an orange snake similar to the vintage figure.

Damn it! I had no idea these went up and missed the exclusive. I had to waitlist it.

This one caught me completely off-guard!

Sideshow is churning out some expensive purchases for me again!!

I ordered the Regular Yoda and for the first time ever for me, I ordered the environment as well. 

I went ahead and placed a waitlist order for the exclusive version as well.  Hopefully, the waitlist will be converted to an active order and I can cancel my regular yoda.  While I don't love the exclusive snake, if I can get the exclusive extra, I'd prefer to have it.

Jesse James:

--- Quote ---The exclusive is an orange snake similar to the vintage figure.
--- End quote ---

It's actually (I think) intended to be the brown snake, which was the snake's original color and harder to find.  It was a very cool nod, but IF I were to order I'd not worry about the exclusive Yoda I think.  I'll just get the regular one and the Hut.  I'm really tempted.   :-\  It's just so much money though.  But yeah, I'm drooling over it.


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