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Some Capt. America movie plot points from the director - spoilers apply

... I can't wait to read what the Marvel guys have to say about the new Cap origin.   :-X

Yeah, no complaints here.  Hopefully the USO bits will be about American Superiority in some respect... raising spirits based on our scientific superiority... and not him up there singing and dancing.

PS:  You guys need a "Spoiler" font color in the list.  ;)

If it's based during WWII, I'm guessing it will be more about the old song and dance.  


--- Quote from: BillCable on February  8, 2010, 05:17 PM ---

PS:  You guys need a "Spoiler" font color in the list.  ;)

--- End quote ---

The best solution I've seen is to post your spoiler in teeny tiny itty bitty font.  Then if someone wants to read it they just have to click the "quote" button.

Captain America and Superman movies start to take shape.


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