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I saw the figures that were on display - Thor, Odin, and Loki, and while they looked pretty good in terms of articulation and detail, for some reason I am not getting pulled in to these like I was with Iron Man 2 figures.  I am guessing a lot of it has to do with my partial disinterest to movie style figures.  I am guessing/hoping there is a comic line to go with the movie line of this - then I may be more inclined to grab some.  The movie line worked for IM2 for me because Tony Stark was in a suit, I didn't see his head, and even if I did RDJ was a perfect fit for IM to me.  With Thor I will be forced to compare the movie version with the comic version - and I don't really see the movie version winning that battle.

Odin looked pretty good and I will probably pick him up, unless there is a comic version that is superior.  Loki's neck was very long looking, and, besides that, I have always really liked the look of comic Loki - so unless the movie figure really wows me in some way it will pretty much be all comic line for me.

They looked good for what i assume are goingt o change a bit. I am in for them.

Greedo The Green Menace:
I was just thinking about this line for a minute and I got to wondering how they're going to handle the comic series, assuming they're doing it siilarly to what they've done with the other marvel movies. Unlike Iron Man and Cap, I can't think of too many Thor variations, theres classic, modern, ages of thunder, king and ultimate. Is there anything else? The way Hasbro seems to do things, they could easily knock all of those out in the first wave and have no more Thors for the rest of the line.

I see that the latest Toy Fare has a pic of the Destroyer figure from the 3 3/4" Thor line, which is up at MarvelousNews.  Sounds like there was some other Thor and Cap movie stuff inside as well.

thanks for the link.

there doesn't look like there is any wrist/bicep or waist/torso articulation - but there is something right above the belly button.  my guess is it is a light up feature (eyes?), and, if so, is a poor placement for it - shoulda put it on the back.  if it is some sort of "play feature" and it opens up to find something inside - then that is ok by me (I don't know anything about the character as maybe he is supposed to open there to reveal something).


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