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Hanging Carded Figures on Walls


Jabba the Slug:
I've tried looking for the answer to this and I've looked through countless pictures of peoples' collections, but how do you hang up a carded figure on a wall? It's a very silly and basic question. But I've used thumbtacks before, and I'm tired of poking holes into my wall, and also, over time, I've noticed that it causes the J-hook to get worn from long hang-time!

3M Command mini-hooks

They are clear (so they hide well), they support the figure better than a pin/thumbtack, and they don't leave any holes in the wall.  Most of my figure are also in star cases, which protects the j-hook/card since it's the case that is actually hanging...

Jabba the Slug:
Ooooh, thanks much!


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