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I just wanted to share a positive garage sale trip with my fellow forumites.  My wife and I went out to some garage sales this past weekend in our hometown (we were looking for furniture for an extra bedroom), and we happened to come across a sale that had a few Star Wars collectibles.  Although I'm sure they are not worth much, I didn't care, because I thought they were neat.  I picked up a Millenium Falcon plate from the Hamilton Plate Collection, as well as an Applause R2-D2 mug.  Both were in great shape, and I ended up paying $8 altogether.  Not exactly "super rare scores", but I was happy with them.  I just thought I would share.  Feel free to post any other finds, garage sale, flea market, etc. here if you want to!

Mikey D:
Excellent find mosnab!!  I don't go to too many yard sales, but if I do, I definitely look for SW stuff.  Those applause figural mugs are some of my favorite items.  I have a complete set, some of which were fairly hard to track down.  The plates are something I've been eyeing for a while on ebay.  Did it come with the box and CoA or just loose?

Hey, those are a couple pretty nice scores there mosnab, especially for that price!  I think I've got all of the OT Applause mugs - they're pretty cool collectibles!  Those Hamilton plates are very nice pieces as well, and usually rather pricey, so that's definitely a nice find!  Keep up the lucky garage sale hunting!

On a related note, JD member nack5811 recently thought he had a great garage sale find as well.  Actually it was his mom who found him a "Droid Factory" at a garage sale for ultra cheap, though she didn't specify anything more than that to him.  He (and the rest of us) were really hoping it was the Vintage playset version, which would've been amazing, but alas, it was too good to be true...  :-\  You can read his tale right here: Droid Factory?

I really should hit up the garage sale circuit more often...  Fun stuff there!


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