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12" IG-88? Oh my.

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Jesse James:

Check it out on our front page to visit the brief production video of this anticipated assassin of steel and wire.  They're going to be hard-pressed to top what I consider one of Hasbro's ultimate 3.75" figures.  I'm curious to see SS's product, which they should be able to take to the next level due to the increased scale.  It's going to be tough for them though I think.

SS, just stop please, you are killing my wallet.

dave in the basement:
Oh man, I really hope that is in my price range! 

I'm betting with all the details and parts count, it'll be in the $120-150 range.

dave in the basement:
Ouch.  It may still be doable, depending on when it comes out.  Just don't tell the wife.   >:D


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