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A new company has started producing a high quality white metal line of Star Wars Miniatures.

Knight Models

Jesse James:
I got an email about this tonight too but can't figure out when they got this license...

Weird stuff as there are two scales, 30mm and 70mm...  70's getting nearer to figure scale, and the Han comes complete with an alcove/seat and table, but 70mm is still pretty undersized for figures (I know some would've been curious).  90mm is much closer.

These are more a collectible than a gaming piece I think...  The prices are probably relatively high.  They're also considered kits too, kinda like the big boxed figures WEst End Games made like Jabba the Hutt (who I was just looking at last night.  I LOVED WEG Minis...  nobody did minis like WEG did them).

I'm really surprised a company is doing Star Wars miniatures in cast metals though...  Especially after cheap mass-market minis did fairly dismally despite a certain ammount of customizability with them even if their paint aps sucked nut.

Their stuff looks insanely detailed though, so they're probably going after the very niche "miniature figure model kit" market, which is out and about, but which is definitely a small group.  It's a shame they weren't doing 90mm figures...  I'd be all over those, simply as a complement to the basic figure line.

For people curious about prices, the figures in the 70mm scale range from around $70 to $140-ish.  Yup. :)

The 30mm figures are more around $20-ish...  Not as bad.  But these really are pricey if you had gaming in mind at all, haha.  I'll stick with WOTC army builders I guess.

This is an interesting development.  I hadn't seen any hint of this company getting a license, didn't see any photos at the various toy fairs or Comic-Con.

They're a Spanish company so maybe this type of model sells better in Europe than in the US and they're going after that market?  De Agostini has done well over the last 10+ years with their European collectible magazines, some of which also included miniature figures or, currently, ships.

I was kind of shocked when I saw the prices on these also.  They're in the range with Attakus (another European company) only it looks like you have to paint them yourself.

I don't think it's in my budget to collect a line like this, but I'd be happy to scrounge up some coin if they did a nice AT-AT Driver.


Yoda Pics

So, as I'm looking over their site, Tarkin and Vader popped into the 70MM section.  I'm pretty sure they weren't there when I first started looking at the site.

And as I was looking through the prices in the store, I refreshed and Tarkin and Vader both came up, and Yoda went to Sold Out.

I'd be interested in knowing how long this company has had the license and how long these have been available.

Captain Teague, I take it that Yoda is yours, and you own it?  How long ago did you pick him up and do you know how long these have been available from Knight Models?



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