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This was sort of sparked by the Greedo episode and the Cantina.   And got to thinking about the possibility of the Clone Wars going to OT planets.  I can see them going to places like Bespin or Hoth just to do it.

Which led me to thinking for some reason about Ozzle/Vader and Hoth the other day.   Ozzle immediately says the base on Hoth is smugglers.  Has he been to Hoth before?  Hmmm...

Someone also brought up Jango and why they don't explore him a little more, and that to me is a great idea.  Sort of flesh out the Dooku/Kaminoan/Jango relationship

Anyone else have any ideas...Endor?  Alderaan?  Death Star Construction?

To me, most of the planets in the OT (Tatooine, Yavin 4, Hoth, Dagoba, Bespin and Endor) were pretty much supposed to be the galactic sticks.  So in a, non-OT purist, way it would make sense if they didn't pop in to Yavin 4.  The exception is Tatooine obviously due to the Jabba connection.  Though in TPM the Republic has no presence on Tatooine, but by ANH there is atleast a small garrison (or were all of the troops from the Star Destroyer?)

I would love to see more of Alderaan though.

Yeah...I think that any time you use a planet from the OT, you make the SW universe less epic.  There's tons of planets, and lots of cool designs to be seen.

I could be wrong but I thought that Anakin and Asaajj fought on Yavin right?. Though that was in the cartoon series.
I would like to see some Gendy cartoon series characters to be incorporated into the new Clone Wars. I mean where's Fordo, the Arc Pilots? I would love to see some of the Arena characters and Nelvaans (my favorite)

More elaboration on just where and how Grievous got to be a cyborg. Maybe a flashback. We saw some background in his lair.

Since they brought Tarkin back and a few other OT officers in their younger age like Yularen, why not include a few adventures of many a fans favorite Imperial officer General Veers! He'd be perfect as a young and brilliant ground assault officer coming up through the ranks. The only chance we'll get to see him in action again.

Jesse James:
The only thing on Veers is he's not that old...  Tarkin, Yularren...  They're older guys.  Veers actually has some of that background even established in a video game, which is kind of neat Ysillimari. 

I agree on seeing more of the 2D toon incorporated into the 3D toon...  I'm disappointed the series has tried so hard to keep them separate.  Beyond Assajj really, they've not gone that route at all...  I'd love to see Durge, and his Lancer Droids do some damage.  I'd dig seeing really early moments in the war with Obi-Wan sporting full armor again...  I agree on basically all the characters you mentioned for the most part.

Love to see L8L9 turn up somehow...  Like he got reassembled and he's pissed at Assajj...  Maybe Dooku sends him after her?

I loved the 2D toon...  Speaking of tie-ins to it, I even thought it would've been far cooler had the "seismic tanks" from the Mace episode turned up as the "secret weapon" that Ahsoka and Barriss Offee take out, rather than just slow moving tanks that had mortars on the back of them...  Talk about underwhelming.  Big tanks are just weapons.  Not really super weapons.  The seismic tank was a game changer. ;D


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