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News is breaking that the IJ films will also be coming back to theaters in 3D.  Not sure when.   I wonder if Hasbro will bother o make anything...I would still love that "lost" wave.  Man, I wanted Satipo and Toht!

wow - pretty cool.  I would be all over that lost wave - plus I thought I remembered the rumblings of a Club Obi-Wan wave.  I would be all for that too!

Yeah, I wonder if Hasbro would take the chance of Indy at retail again with re-releases.  I think with a new movie, we might have a shot, but it would be interesting to see.  Even if we just got that "lost wave", I'd be pretty happy - although more would be better.  If the movies were going to be spread out (like Star Wars is supposed to be), we could even just get one wave a year, although I doubt retail/Hasbro would do something like that (maybe a HTS exclusive or something - as long as it was readily available).

At least with Indy 3D movies, they'll start with the "good ones" :).

In my opinion it would be doable to have one wave per film each year for the release.  Make them on-line/Diamond exclusives and in cases that are collector friendly (eg 2x of each fig if they're all new or 1x each w/ half new, half re-pack).

You might be able to get Toys-R-Us to buy in with their new collector oriented aisle they're going to be offereing.

I think it would be naive to think that we wouldn't get re-packed figures from the waves that were already released, but if they limited it to a couple Indy figs and army builders spread over three films it wouldn't be that bad.  Give us the lost wave of RotLA and the hard to find Temple of Doom for those two films and come back to the Last Crusade wave with a couple new figs and repacks on Indy and Henry and maybe a repaint of Vogel.  They could probably even kitbash a different outfit for Belloq or some Hovitos warriors w/ new heads based on the Ugha body.

I'd be willing to buy a case for each film if I knew I wasn't going to be stuck with a bunch of Grail Knigts or Young Indy figs or whatnot.


I agree... there's still a market for this stuff.  Hasbro just needs to learn how to manage it better.  They pretty much destroyed the Iron Man 2 line with their ass backwards approach to that, so I don't really see that they have learned a whole lot about their combined market of kids and adults.  I hope I'm wrong though and they find a way to get Indy back in stores, and finally do it right this time.


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