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Batman - The Dark Knight Rises

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Jesse James:
By Dale's link then I'd say at least the close-ups are the Queensboro Bridge, if not the aerial shots as well.

I saw it yesterday. I preferred to wait for crowds and hype to die down.

Good. Not quite excellent. I felt the two villains' deaths weren't satisfying enough. If you have people with evil schemes, it's more fun to let them live long enough to see their plans fail.

There was totally a missed opportunity for a "straw man" joke during Crane's judgement of Gordon. "So, the Scarecrow makes us the straw men."

I think Gordon was dumb for thinking the truth of Dent's death should be revealled. Dent wasn't evil at heart, just flawed. Batman took the blame...he offered to take the blame. 

That also makes Wayne's seclusion one big dumb guilt trip. 

I finally watched this movie again the other day.  I think on second viewing I picked up a lot of things I missed when seeing it at the theater.  It actually helped me enjoy most of it more than I originally did, but I still think the end is completely messed up.  And I'm still baffled about the time spend to build up JGL's part when we'll probably never see him again.

Eh.  As a trilogy, it's a solid outting, much better than a lot of other franchises have managed (eg Spider-Man, X-Men).  So, I take back some of the bashing I handed it, but not all.



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