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Tickets where suppost to go on sale today. I've been trying for the last two hours but their server is crapping out as usual. Now they have a new message saying to check back November 8th for information on the new registration date. Currently the 4day memberships with preview night are sold out due to the onsite sales at comic con in July. 4day memberships without previous night are still available.

Comic-con 2011 will be July 21-24 at the SD convention center. I'd wish they just move it to somewhere bigger like L.A. or Anaheim or Vegas. 

But then it wouldn't be the SAN DIEGO Comic Con.   :D

Oh, wise guy huh?

Comic-con registration is

It looks like the stooges that run Comic-con's IT department have no clue what they are doing. Registration failes again. If it ever does come up, watch them raise the prices.


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