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If you press a gun against a pillow it acts as a silencer.  You can make one with an empty 2-liter plastic bottle.  Anything to capture/muffle the sound.  A pipe full of steel wool would actually be pretty effective.  Not James Bond movie effective, but it'd reduce the noise considerably.

In close quarters an assault rifle can be less effective than a pistol.  They're better suited for long-range attacks.  So in dense woods if you don't expect a lot of warning before you see your prey (or hunter, in this case), you might be better off with a pistol.

What was the dude who lost his head packing?  I remember some sort of bandolier or strap across his chest.  Going purely from memory, though.

Jesse James:
I would say it muffles it, but I don't think it acts as a silencer...  I've heard real supressors fired, and they're still audible.  The ones in the series have been quite silent, and so I just don't see it as realistic, but I find it interesting that home made silencers using steel wool have been done.  I don't think they'd be that quiet but I guess it's at least realistic.  Wonder whose idea it was?  Darryl or Rick?  Don't think anyone else in the group would've come up with it.  Seems more Darryl to me.  Looks like the kinda guy that liked shooting at old cars.

On the assault rifle, I'm just still not in agreement, at all...  You're not doing a sweep and clear of a house, you're out in the woods.  At the very least, you'd take a rifle and a pistol, if you're doing both.  Dense woods, which I don't know I'd call those dense woods particularly, you'd still be better off with the capacity, range, and power of an assault rifle if it's at your disposal.

If they were clearing houses, I could MAYBE buy pistols, if you've not got access to a shotgun or smaller assault weapon which we saw actually one of the Woodbury gang had something similar I think to a Tech 9 at one point, IIRC.  So even then, they STILL had superior "close range" weapons to a pistol and a knife.  Not to mention the knives they had didn't even look big...  Why not take machete's at least?  Surely they have those!  I have like 5 just at my house.

I recall a bandoleir too Bill, but also forget what he had.  Could've just been to sheath his knife and some extra stuff, who knows.  I don't recall any of them having anything bigger than a pistol though.

Part of me wonders if Merle half-assed the whole thing together quickly.  For my mind, it's the only thing that makes much sense.  The Woodbury people seem a little inept to me save for the Governor, and maybe he likes it that way.  When Merle's your 2nd, I suppose that's actually probably as likely a reason why they went out there poorly equipped.

He also didn't seem to respect Michonne much till she'd f'd up the whole group but him, so perhaps he just half assed it thinking she'd be a quick easy kill.  I still say the lack of some of that military gear they had to have pilfered was an oversight though.  I'll chalk it up to Merle being a knob.  He's a good catch-all.

Angry Ewok:
I've got a pretty decent gun collection and I've tinkered around, but I've never seen a homemade silencer that actually... well... worked.

Jesse James:
I almost want to try it but my guns are too valuable to put anything on them like that.  Might piss around with it on a .22 pistol I have, but really I value all of them that I'd be afraid to mess with something homemade like that, haha.  It's interesting though, if it works, even a little bit.

One of the best things about this season is they are telling better stories; like someone mentioned, it's a series and so they can take time to let things develop. As the middle to end of season two got so freaking slow and "soap opera-like", the last two episodes really rocked. I like that they are going in slightly different directions from the comics, which definitely can drag on and on and on etc. Probably 20 issues of the comic from this same time frame of Prison/Woodbury to what comes after that is so repetitious it makes GL's writing seem eloquent LOL ;)
the mid season finale is in a couple weeks then it starts back up in either Feb or Mar next year with the back 8 episodes. 


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