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New preview, just three weeks away


--- Quote from: Scockery on December 22, 2012, 12:09 PM ---Amicable or not, it's not great news to lose executive producers two seasons in a row.  What is Kirkman or AMC's vision for the show?

--- End quote ---

Kirkman has always said that his intent is to provide a very LONG story about what happens after the infestation.  I imagine he plans to follow a fairly similar storyline to what appeared in the comics, though exploring/altering/building additional subplots and characters.  With the material that's out there now, they have enough for at least 3-4 more full seasons, and they'll have another 40 issues of the comic to feed from when they're done with that.  I'm not sure why the EPs keep leaving, but it isn't for lack of a long term plan.

I've been catching bits and pieces of the Walking Dead marathon on AMC today. Getting pretty excited for the mid-season premiere.

Unrelated, I was at Barnes and Noble tonight and saw some of the walking dead Graphic Novels. I had no idea they were black and white only illustrations. I just assumed they were in color.

yep all the original comics are b/w but they have released certain ones in color. I think they are also airing a special b/w tv premier thurs nite of the very first tv episode in b/w as well. getting ready for the first half season 3 marathon today before the start of the second part of the season tonite.

I'm taking Daryl over Merle tonight...straight up, forget the spread.  :D


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