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Can't believe they did that to Andrea. The governor bites her fingers off, kills her and leaves her to become a walker for Rick's group to discover.

Oh, wrong characters. I get those confused.

My only nitpick is that this show takes place in a universe where people have strong teeth and jaws. This explains Merle's comment about chewing through rope, the Governor's hungry hungry hippos maneuvor and that biter than got T-Dog.

Seriously, could someone bite off a finger, let along two?  ??? GOOGLE! Help me!

Lol anyway did you see next week's preview? Tyresse and his sis are not in that posse

Yeah, suspicious. I think they've rigged the prison into a trap, actually.  I was thinking before the preview aired...the Governer is expecting them to be in the prison. So that's the last place they should be.


Zero complaints about last night, completely excellent from start to finish. All I can say is I'm more disappointed to have lost Merle than any other character so far. He was by far one of the most interesting characters remaining IMO. That last scene with Daryl was freaking epic. The whole episode really highlighted all the strengths of this show, the acting, the writing, and most especially the interaction between the characters. (Glenn/Maggie, Glenn/Hershel, Merle/Rick, Merle/Daryl, Merle/Michonne, etc)

Think Rick has a little bridge-building to do with Michonne now, kinda going to be a little awkward at first, but from her conversation with Merle she seemed to understand he would not have gone through with it either. So hopefully they will be good going forward.

So who was that kid Ben that took the bullet for Phillip? Was he the son of the whiny doosh that was beefing with Tyreese? Or was he the sickly kid with Asthma that Andrea was trying to exempt from the Woodbury militia? I don't have a good recall for the more minor characters...

Loved Merle rocking out to Motorhead, that was a nice touch.

last night was outstanding.  I didn't know Michonne could put so many words together.


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