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I'm hoping we see a few new things at Toy Fair this weekend for the DCUC line.  I'm sure we'll see this wave, and probably the two previous, but hopefully we'll get a glimpse at a little something more as well.  I know they sometimes like to save stuff for NYCC as well though, so we'll see if that happens this year or not.

As a side note, I broke down an ordered the rest of the figures to complete Kilowog.  Like Mikey mentioned earlier in this thread, they (at least the ones I needed) were all Green Lantern related anyways - and I hoped to get to them eventually - so I went ahead and ordered them.  They should be here Monday, excited to see Kilowog when completed.

I want to see more of the Retro Cloth Line....

I got the Green Arrow, but I really want to see they have planned.  I just wish they could get all the characters they had back in the Mego days...

Not much for pictures yet that I've seen, but it sounds like Wal-Mart will be getting an exclusive 5 pack including the following:

Guy Gardner
Tomar Re
Hal Jordan (with grey temples)
John Stewart (Mosaic costume)
Sinestro (in GL costume)

Kind of nice to see some more Lanterns on the way, but all the WM exclusives sure make it a pain.

They only had Guy and Tomar on display (2-ups of each) but both looked fabulous.  :)

Sounds like John and Hal are just simple repaints.  Sinestro will use the Hal body with the existing Sinestro head.

I don't know if we will get my Mattel/DC pics up today, but they'll get posted eventually...

Just got the Darkseid wave yesterday.  Another awesome wave - the figures are all really well done.  I didn't really care about Darkseid, as I was very happy with the DC Superheroes one.  Now that they're side by side, I really like the new one.  He's a touch big, but the old one was a bit too small.  So while neither are perfect I think the new one is an improvement.

Looking forward to Trigon.  Not looking forward to hunting down Ultra-Humanite.  Curious to see what comes next.


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