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Mikey D:
Since I buy comics almost every week and buy almost everything Star Wars related, I have no need for TPBs.  I will, however, buy a TPB if I didn't buy the regular comic book.  

I find that Dark Horse's approach to creating their Star Wars stories lends itself much better to the TPB format than the individual comics themselves.

I collected the comics right up until about three arcs into Rogue Squadron, then realized DH was going to release every story as a TPB mere months after the arc was completed. To me, the patience to wait for the entire satory in one read was worth the impatience I had after finishing a quarter of the story and being left unsatisfied for a month or more.

Just this weekend I got the first "Empire" TPB (as well as "The Defense of Kamino,"my first prequel comic.) I can't imagine having read "Empire" piecemeal, it would've been beyond frustrating. "Kamino" seems written more along the classic comic book style, I'm guessing because it was originally intended to draw in the casual fans of a movie year.

I Am Sith:
I was just having this conversation with a co-worker of mine today and thought I would ressurect this discussion.  With the onset of Rebellion and Legacy, I'm torn as to whether or not to buy the individual issues or not.  So far I've gotten issues 0-3 of Legacy and I'm not sure if I'm going to continue on or not.

I got into the Dark Horse SW comics far too late to buy the individual issues of Empire and others, so the TPB route has been a great way for me to catch up without having to hunt down back issues.  Also, I think that these display much better than individuals and have no problem putting these on the shelves with my other SW books.  But there's the part of me that wants to know what's happening on a monthly basis with a story and can't wait until DH decides to put these out in TPB format.

In everyone's experience, what is the typical time lag between when the individual issues are out and when they are released as TPB's?  Has anyone ever stopped mid series and made the switch from individuals to TPB?

Darkhorse has streamlined it pretty well lately.  They used to take forever. Actually, the didn't do it for a long while, at first.

I like either way,  If I'm able to hit the comic shop regularly I'll go with the single issues, but the TPBs are fine too.  I do like the hunt on back issues as well.  I don't display my comics on a shelf either, everything is in comic boxes with comic sleaves and a backercard.  I've never had a beat up comic storing them this way.

Never would I buy both versions!

Another trouble with TPBs is the issues that DH will choose to include.  Many are out of order. I just HAVE to have my comics in chronological order.  DH also doesn't put every issue into TPBs and I've found a few TPBs where they don't state which issues are in it.  I even emailed them to ask, they never responded.

The only comics I ever read were the original Marvel (the first TPS are how revisited these) and Star Wars tales...oh and some infinities.
I found that I love these Omnibus things though.  Reading stuff I never saw before and its a good time.  The Boba Fett one was cool.



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