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Hello Star Wars Freaks


Hey there!

I've never really been into these forum things. But anyhow, thought I'd check out this Jedidefender website.
I've always loved Star Wars since I first watched it as a little kid. And now 30 odd years later I'm still collecting SW toys.
Crazy or what?? Although I only go for the Medicom/Kubrick line. (has to be the Expensive ones init)
I've been a member of Kubrick Nation for a while, cos I Love the Kubs, then someone told me about this site.

Thing is, I've got from the Early Bird set - Series 9 collection for Sale. Check it out on my post:
if you like the annoying little men!

PM me if u have any questions or offers.


Welcome stonetrooper

Jesse James:
Welcome aboard Stonetrooper, and join in!

I am new here too. I have a stormtrooper.


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