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CIS Super Tank.

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I think the tank is kind of boring.   :-\

Jesse James:
I wish, for the cartoon's sake, that they would've devloped something that simply was cooler...

Tanks aren't really super weapons.  The Seismic tank thing from CW1, if it was a tank and not more of a space ship, was much more a super weapon.  It caused massive devastation by Star Wars standards and things...  Tanks have always improved and updated in times of war, like in WW2 when the onset of war started a pretty steady increase in armor designs and innovations, but none of them were "super weapons".  Even the King Tiger wasn't invincible, not by a longshot, and so goes this thing.

I really wish they'd have just done something really kind of outlandish and creative, rather than taking elements of other Separatist vehicles, and basically putting a larger shell around it.  Plus all this thing did was basically lop shells in an arc didn't it?  It was like a mortar carriage or something, that had really thick armor.

why does it feel like and armored attack slug?


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