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2011 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive LOST Raiders of the Lost Ark Wave!

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Jesse James:
Yup, it's happening.  :)  Just heard from our team at Toy Fair!


Jesse James:
Might be the coolest news of the day.

I love that someone bought the hard copies of the figures and paid out the nose for them, and did so hoping he'd block people from copying them for others to enjoy.  Now Hasbro basically just **** all over that guy's plan.  That's funny.

This is amazing news.  I was just looking at my IJ colletion lamenting the fact that it felt unfinised.

In this day and age, patience is key.  Almost every product I desire eventually get smade.  Almost.

(Lets hope it's not a hoax!)

darth broem 2:
Yeah, that's the biggest and best surprise of the day!!! :)


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