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Hi! I have an addiction I am collector.

I am new here and really to collecting star wars. I grew up on Star Wars, GI JOE, Transformers, Robotech and anything Military.

When I was 4 I cried in the movie theater because I thought the Rancor was going to eat Luke, my father was not to happy about that. My favorite Star Wars Toy growing up was my B-Wing it carried more GI JOES to battle though than anything else. I played WEG Star Wars RPG in high school and the New AT-AT brought me back Star Wars Toys... I have 3, They are huge. I told my wife they were for our New Born but i would need to get them trooped up in the mean time.

I also like long strolls on the beach and Italian food.

Jesse James:
Hey man, welcome aboard.  Browse and join in on the conversation...  Lots going on after Toy Fair and now two more guys who like military and Star Wars on board.

Thanks Jesse.

Welcome NightVyper!! ;D ;D

Thanks, good to be aboard.


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